n1 is a stratum 1 server steered by pair of GPS receivers.
n1 exists because I need a reliable source of time. One where I know it'll either give correct time, or be honest and say it is unsynchronized. I've been burned one time too many.

2020.10.30: Random guess
The 3.3V regulator in front of the GPS receiver is well behaved, low noise, verified good, and highly reliable type. But it is also the only part of channel 1 I have not replaced. So I have now replaced the known good regulator with a hacky zener-transitor regulator. And while at it, removed the holdover battery.

2020.10.22: New serial card
The server is suffering resets in the primary GPS receiver. I have replaced the receiver, the line driver, the cable, and I still have the resets. So, in went a new serial card, timer-capture module, and power supply for the line drivers on the server end. They are the only things I have not yet replaced. Funny thing, those two cards cost more than the rest of the server. No resets yet, but I will know in a month or two.

Sky view
This is an intensity-graded plot of signal strength, seen both as the usual sky view, and as a south-centered cylindrical projection. Blue indicates that the satellite is excluded from the solution, red that the receiver has lost lock.