n1 is a stratum 1 server steered by pair of GPS receivers.
n1 exists because I need a reliable source of time. One where I know it'll either give correct time, or be honest and say it is unsynchronized. I've been burned one time too many.

2018.5.21: new clock wiggling
After the update, the clock is now wiggling a few microseconds every two hours. It has no effect, but it is annoying now knowing what causes it. Something is causing bi-hourly temperature excursions.

2018.5.20: Downtime during upgrade
An update that was supposed to take half an hour ended up taking several and a trip to the datacenter. There will be another round of updates, but for now, it is stable.

Sky view
This is an intensity-graded plot of signal strength, seen both as the usual sky view, and as a south-centered cylindrical projection. Blue indicates that the satellite is excluded from the solution, red that the receiver has lost lock.